Monday Musings 4/12 (only it’s Tuesday because I was crabby)

Sorry about missing the actual Monday to go with the Monday Musings. In reality, I was really tired and incomplete yesterday, but some advice from my wife and friends brought me back into the land of the living. I was in a bad mood yesterday, and I realized it was because I hadn’t published anything on my beloved blog. When I don’t produce, write, blog, share, create, or forge anything in this digital playground, I give up on myself and I feel like a dismayed character in a CW television show. I need to go stare at a lake for a while. “I’ve got so many problems man, so many problems.”

  1. My big survey to decide which book I will write based on my Flash Fiction continues. You have two more weeks to vote. I haven’t gotten a ton of votes, but I understand that people are busy, and you need to read five different stories to reach a decision. Those stories are: Fairy Lake, Fishing on the Diving Blue, Rain, Spine, and Take Me, Know You By My Name. You can vote for any of these stories on my handy dandy survey via SurveyMonkey. Click HERE to fill out that survey and control the destiny of what novel you want written. YOU HAVE THE POWER!
  2. I watched Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. I loved it. I’ve always been a bit of Marvel purist, mostly because growing up depressed and antisocial made me relate to X-Men a ton. I’ve never had a particular prejudice for DC comics. The storm cloud of negative reviews from every corner of the planet made me think I would watch some over CG designed cesspool of comic mythology. Instead, I got a solid story where both Batman and Superman were adjusting to their godlike roles in a terrified society. It wasn’t the most amazing movie on the planet, but it was a purebred comic book movie. If you apply logic to the story, like you would any comic-painted film, you’re in the wrong mindset to enjoy the flick. Ben Affleck turned in a surprisingly good performance as Batman, echoing the jaded and ultra-violent Bruce Wayne of Frank Miller’s The Dark Night. I’m excited to see where they take this universe.
  3. A few weeks ago, I released a Flash Fiction piece entitled: “Her River Styx.” If you haven’t read it yet, you can find it by clicking HERE. This story was a fictional recount of my own suicide attempt, which was based on my personal experience in 2012. I took a fantastical edge to the story, injecting a little supernatural to bring about some commentary on the world we live in. Next week, I’ll be releasing the actual story about my suicide attempt in a nonfiction essay. I haven’t written any nonfiction in a small forever, and the muse has been itching at me like an undervalued parasite.
  4. I’ve been watching Salem recently on Netflix. I highly recommend this series. Their creative lens focuses on the nuances of horror and witches. Brannon Braga is a producer and writer, so you know the dialogue and character development is high quality. He of course wrote Star Trek: Voyager, which I’ve geeked out about many times on my blog. Basically, Salem is what American Horror Story should have done with their 3rd season, or the witch season. Instead of making it some cliche teen drama about teenage witches, American Horror Story should have gone back to Puritan times, and touched on the actual hysteria that occupies Salem. It’s nice to know one show did it right.
  5. If you haven’t read DOL 39 yet on my blog, you’re missing out on some great suspense and monster-making. Recently, the story has actually now jumped into battle scenes with the abominations that take center stage in this story. The entire tale is told through random collected documents obtained by historians. Work orders, battle logs, and diaries give you a wide perspective on the conflict humanity feels with the Dol. If you need to escape the horrifying monotony of our existence, DOL 39 is published every Friday. Click HERE to read it.

Thank you for reading everyone. I’m going to resume my more rigorous writing schedule again. Nonfiction will be published on a weekly basis, along with Flash Fiction and my musings. Thank you everyone for continuing to support me, and please don’t forget to vote on your favorite Flash Fiction piece you would like to see become a novel.

5 thoughts on “Monday Musings 4/12 (only it’s Tuesday because I was crabby)

  1. Take it from me, my dear, crabiness is a marker of age. The older, the crabbier.(Perhaps that is why my blog is so sparsely adorned … hmm.) I have already expressed to you my great appreciation for Her River Styx, and I intuited that it was drawn in part from experience. I also look forward to your book (I voted for Rain), and wish you the best of luck. Norman Mailer said it best: “Writing a novel is like giving birth to a grand piano.”
    Have a good day, my dear.


    1. Haha, thank you. I’m going to steal that Norman Mailer quote. Thank you for commenting and reading my work. I get crabby bouts of madness when I don’t write anything. Rain seems to be the hot vote right now. Great minds think a like 🙂

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  2. good luck with your book. I’m a massive ‘American Horror story ‘fan seen all 5 seasons. I know what you mean by not feeling yourself if you don’t blog. It is a huge part of my life . I enjoyed reading the river styx


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