Illustration for the Phantom Train by Al Ostman


Thank you Al Ostman for another great illustration. This time it’s for my Flash Fiction piece The Phantom Train. The sparse use of detail, along with the gloom of the forest’s floor really captures the abstract sense of fear the woods feels throughout the story. The charcoal medium enhances the dread. Al’s style works perfectly for my narrative skin. This image will be available for purchase in my store as well.

Click Here to Read the Phantom Train

I was also lucky enough to get this piece picked by Bob Daun from Bob’s Short Story Hour. You can listen to a free and awesome narration of this story courtesy of Bob. This story of ghouls and phantoms has gotten a lot of love from other genres. Sometimes, every once in a while, it pays to be a haunted forest with a demon train powered to hell and back.

Click Here to Listen to the Phantom Train 

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