Monday Musings 3/28

Monday Musings for me are like that one machine at the gym you do because you kind of hate yourself. It’s like the stair stepper. I honestly think that occasionally doing something you don’t like doing causes you to grow as human being. It keeps you from frolicking on some personality plateau like a sparrow in a vine-drawn bird bath.

  1. I’ve been thinking about where children get their sense of morality. The easy answer would be their parents, which is certainly true to a point. Moralistic imprinting must exist in some form or another. You have a natural love for your parents, or the urge to want to feel loved by them. When you watch the moralistic methods in which they conduct their life, you feel it’s okay to replicate them due to the kinship you feel towards your guardian. This goes for both good and bad examples of morality. Where do children get the rest of their morality? I’m an optimist about the human spirit, and I do believe some of it is inherent in our DNA. Religion, school, sports, and media can all present lessons of morality for you to assimilate. Besides my family, media was huge in shaping my own sense of ethical responsibility. Video games were almost a form of litany for me. Specifically, the classic RPG games for Super Nintendo and PlayStation released by Squaresoft and Enix. In our culture of personalized technology, media can provide morals just like anything else. Video games can provide lessons like the oral fairy tale once did. I’m living proof.
  2. This weekend I watched the movie Steve Jobs. It was really good. I enjoyed the structure of the story. The plot surrounds three events of Apple products being unveiled to the public. Through Job’s backstage persona we’re introduced to a flawed human being who was haunted by the rejection of his biological parents. He felt imperfect. However, he poured perfection into his products. He sacrificed his personal life for his professional status. Talking to him through his technology was the only way to relate to him.
  3. Recently, I published a Flash Fiction piece called Giveaway. This story had been kicking my ass for at least two weeks. It started as a poem I wrote back in high school. Giveaway was actually a city from Star Ocean 2, a PlayStation game released be Enix (now known as SquareEnix). You travel through it, and they have this famous university that can teach you various skills or abilities. The snow falls constantly in the town, like it was caught in some weather map looped in repeat. This setting, along with living in Minnesota my entire life, gives me a feeling of imprisonment. The moral of this story is that the pursuit of knowledge can sometimes destroy you. The truth of learning is similar to cracking an egg. Just slightly break that pearl shell between your fingers. If you hit too hard, the whole thing will fall apart.
  4. I’m not excited for Batman Vs Superman whatsoever. I want to be. I love Batman. I love the Suicide Squad. I love all the great villains who decorated Gotham in tapestries of nightmares. I read both DC and Marvel comics growing up. I remember reading Frank Miller’s the Dark Knight and loving the heinously Gothic tone of the text. I loved the idea of Batman as an old man trying to recapture his identity and passion. I doubt Batman Vs Superman will try to attempt this bold characterization. All this being said, I’m still a lemming. I still want to see the movie and disregard the bad reviews. I’m okay walking off the cliff as long as it’s my choice.
  5. At my office job (sadly, I don’t write for a living. I want to. I want it like air to breathe) I keep seeing this fluorescent light flickering behind me. I keep hoping it’s some gateway to a reality-smeared underworld I can explore. I keep wishing I can escape this 9-5 job into the world I really want. A realm of ink, pixels, nouns, verbs, and paper. A land of storytelling I can soak up everyday instead of the clicking of the register, the emails about data entry, and the miscellaneous mundane chatter about your lawnmower. If only that artificial illumination would peel apart like a wet piece of bread. I would leap through it. I want to escape.

To check out my Monday Musings from last week, please click here. I also published a weird little piece of Flash Fiction called Giveaway. Al Ostman created another awesome illustration for one of my Flash Fiction pieces. You can view the illustration by clicking here. Dol 39 continued with a new monster introduced. You can find the latest entry here. Plus, I published some of my wife’s photos in her column Sun & Petrichor. Thank you everyone for reading. Have a great week.


5 thoughts on “Monday Musings 3/28

  1. Your perspective of the world and the events within your life are nearly always bittersweet, which I can relate to. As for writing for a living, I suppose it takes perseverance, but let’s be frank here: like life itself, it will always be an even coin toss for us aspiring pencil-pushers. You, my dear, are still young and the outlook is more in your favor than ,say, mine. It’s rather late for me, I’m afraid, though that never stops an old coot from trying, hmm?
    I apologize for coming across as a ‘bummer’ in that little rant.
    On to Batman v. Superman. Speaking of bummers. I thought the movie itself had some good qualities to it (Gal Gadot, certainly), but the box office and critics apparently thought otherwise. The Christopher Nolan trilogy was perhaps better, but in my humble opinion, none of these will ever come close to the Adam West show that I was entertained by from ’66 to ’68.
    Your story, Giveaway: it is an interesting concept, though I’m still digesting it (another perk of extended age), but my initial reaction was some consternation with the italicized phrase you used. Perhaps you could explain?


    1. Your very right about the coin toss. I couldn’t have described it better. You can never underestimate the appreciation and the power of wisdom, especially in the creative industry. I hope you aren’t too bummed out about it. I’ll have to go check out Batman Vs Superman. A lot of people have your opinion about it, but I trust yours so I’ll be going to watch it next weekend. Giveaway gave me some problems, because the theme of that story was education. That italicized line was a little verse from my poem back in high school. “Not that this town did not know, the truth of learning though.” I was really trying to write a story to symbolize the complexity of education and the pursuit of knowledge. Sometimes when you educate yourself, or in Giveaway’s case overdo it, you get completely lost or selfish, and you end up trapped and addicted to learning. That is what I was trying to symbolize with this story. This town was meant to symbolize it. However, I ran out of plot devices and characters to push the theme in the right direction. It took me a while to write since it was still a concept and not a story. Thank you as always for your words of encouragement, and for commenting, and for reading my work. Phew. Good to hear from you again. I always look forward to your comments. 🙂

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    2. Ah. Thank you for clearing that up for me, my dear.
      As for the encouragement – naturally. If I see potential, I will always urge it grow. An unspoken pact between those of the calling, perhaps?


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