Listen to Fairy Lake on Bob’s Short Story Hour

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I’m very blessed to have been considered and picked to have another one of my short stories featured for Bob’s Short Story Hour. The story he picked for his latest podcast was Fairy Lake. This story was recently published on my blog. I won’t share too many details about it, since you should really listen to Bob’s rendition of it on his website.

Click Here to Listen to Bob’s Short Story Hour featuring Fairy Lake

Click Here to Read Fairy Lake

Bob puts on a high quality operation. I can’t stress this enough. As independent artists, we typically have to do everything ourselves to make our creation function on even the most basic levels. Website design, editing, and graphics are just a few creative forces that fall under our jurisdiction. Bob has created a complete product. Not only does his vocal interpretation of the content match the style of the stories, but the layout of the website is aesthetically pleasing and practical. This is a hard balance to achieve in the age of seven second attention spans. I’m honored to be working in his company. Enjoy the content, and thank you everyone for your support.


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