New Artwork from Al Ostman


I’m very pleased to announce some new artwork from my collaborator and friend Al Ostman on some of my fiction writing. You know him already from the illustrations of The Greenland Diaries, which lurk in the back template of my blog. Recently, I commissioned him to create a few images based on some of my Flash Fiction pieces. He choose A Phantom Train, and I Sing Constellations. The image above is his illustration from I Sing Constellations.

If you haven’t read I Sing Constellations, I highly suggest you do. This was one of my favorite Flash Fiction pieces I’ve written. It was a setting I’ve experimented with for quite some time. The concept had been bullying my creativity around for at least five years. I even tried to produce a novel based on this setting. I couldn’t quite make it work in the giant narrative plot-line. Often times, I would just want to write about the monster, and just not care about characters. Therefore, the characters didn’t last very long in my unfinished novel. The monster did great, however.

Click Here to Read I Sing Constellations

I’ll be selling this image in the store for $10.00. The image is 11 x 17. I cover the cost of shipping, plus Al will sign the image for you. If he’s had a few a drinks, it might even be a drunken love letter. Thank you for supporting our work on this blog.


2 thoughts on “New Artwork from Al Ostman

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