Monday Musings 3/14

I’m back! I was sick with a nasty virus, and I was mentally destroyed from Marscon 2016. At the convention I did seven panels along with a book signing. I also sold my books in the vendor room. I had an amazing time. I didn’t embarrass myself in the discussions by drifting off into some vague metaphysical metaphor concerning gods and devils. My favorite panel by far was the Future of Star Trek, where we discussed the next stop in storytelling for this beloved science fiction series. I got to share my grand theory about what should occur. I also was quoted on Twitter for one of my comments: “I always imagined the writer’s room for Star Trek being a sweaty Thunderdome of really smart people.” I’ll be posting a recap eventually. I really missed writing on my blog this last week. I tried to pound out a new Flash Fiction piece, but I only got halfway through it before I passed out again. I’m back now though, ready to unleash a storm of abstract abominations on the populace like some sick dragon coiled in a cave. Thank you everyone for reading my work, and sorry for the momentary delay in content.

  1. I’m very interested in Marvel Civil War. Before, I was lukewarm about it since I enjoyed the comics, and the timing of the conflict, but I was unsure of whether Marvel Studios could actually off such a massive plot. With so much division in the current political climate here in America, the concept of imprisoning and restricting the rights of others just because they’re different from you is not too far from the rhetoric on the campaign trail. My question with the story is will they be able to complete the moralistic warning intact against a galaxy of new characters and sinew-spinning action scenes. Will they be able to accurately portray the social schism of people who want basic rights regardless of their background versus those who fear what they cannot understand, and who only feel identity when exerting control over others.
  2. Watching my twin baby boys be so ill this last week has been tough. There is something completely numbing about watching your children be sick. The complete lack of power over the situation makes you feel like you’re in a dimly lit cavern beneath a rocky ridge with a few bits of firelight beaming against the walls. Outside that socket  Everything is primal again. You’re scavenging for raw materials to keep everyone healthy. There has been no modern medicine. There has been scientific discoveries. It’s just you and your children beneath a shadow lined sky, with bits of stars falling downward like little tears of heaven refused to evaporate in a sea of cosmic dust.
  3. There is something profoundly haunting about mass transit. I’ve ridden the bus many times before, but there is something mystical about the way that giant metal shell aches through the streets like a tired whale over some abyssal depth. Sometimes, I blame Hayao Miyazaki for his countless haunting scenes involving trains and buses in his existential conceits. Who could forget the train scene in Spirited away where the train acts like cosmic spirit darting through the afterlife awash with abstract streetlights and the reflecting pools. How I interpret public transportation services has been permen`

6 thoughts on “Monday Musings 3/14

  1. Hear a lot about flash fiction. Something I need to follow up. Glad you are back to optimised health. Seems like a few of us bloggers children aren’t doing to good. Wishing them a super speedy recovery.


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