Monday Musings 2/29

One of the hardest things to judge about yourself and mistakes you’ve made in the past is whether or not you were responsible for you actions. Our mind consolidates guilt or blame in two different ways. The first method is we blame ourselves for all our decisions, taking this absolute identity stance that due to our modern level of intelligence we should be in complete control of our mind at all times like Vulcan’s from Star Trek. The second method is to look at our sociological environment and how it streamlined our choices into chaotic highways. I think about both forces orbiting one another like planetary bodies on a science poster in a 5th grade classroom. Sometimes, I can pull apart my past environments and see that I didn’t have a choice. I was locked in a cage and being fed scraps. Worse, sometimes I can go back and see that I was acting selfishly or villainous. However, if we sit on the mistakes we’ve made in the past, they’ll fester like some abomination locked in a mad scientist’s lab.

  1. I went and watched Deadpool. I loved it. My admiration was not for the vulgar, obscene, and boob-laden content dripping out of Ryan Reynolds mouth like a modern day Chaucer. My love for the movie was how a director was finally willing to embrace a complex narrative structure in a superhero movie. Breaking the 4th wall, nonlinear plot, and acknowledging the marvel universe when not being in the universe, but being part of the universe, was all executed to perfection by the production team. Deadpool and his love interest are damaged people cast aside by society in the most vile ways. He is a thug and she is a prostitute. The moment they find a little bit of happiness with one another in a safe environment, their world unravels. This story is too common in the reality.
  2. Recently, there have been a lot of videos of robots walking around at various test facilities. They resemble people, dogs, and other animate objects armored with blood and bile. Technicians are testing the balance of these robots by whacking them with brooms, sticks, and other blunt objects. I feel remarkably bad for the machines. They stagger, trip, and wobble like my sons do as they learn to walk. Instead of using violence to test their structural integrity, I wonder if they could program the robots to listen to positive reinforcement. I mean, if they can work out fine motor skills, couldn’t they build some sort of optimism chamber that gives the robot extra power when he hears: “You can do it!”  Watching this videos, and our legit addiction to machines, sometimes I think Skynet  might’ve had a legit grievance with humanity.
  3. I’ve been having a lot of memories of chapel from when I was a kid. I went to a private school for all my elementary grades.  It was a religious school, though they welcomed all faiths as long as you could pay your tuition on time. They had this huge chapel with red seats that were dried and cracked like stale blood. It had stained glass windows, which went from where the grey bricks sunk into the floor to where the sky ended against the coiled roof. It looked like a wall of color was always standing over you when you sat there, like the word Gothic itself was hammered into this glowing sheet of biblical design. The smell is what I remember most though, a perfect mixture of dust and rock, like we were locked in some palace deep beneath the earth.
  4. One of the panels I’m on for Marscon 2016: Parallel Dimensions coming up is about Star Trek and its future in the modern media vacuum. A new show has been announced for next year on CBS. My dream scenario for the future of Star Trek would be a continuation of the universe from Voyager. I would like some cataclysmic event like the Omega Particle to ruin warp travel in the Alpha Quadrant. This causes the Federation to start a massive exploration and recolonization method of the Delta Quadrant. I want to really see the Federation on its heels as a whole, not just one ship hanging out in the Delta Quadrant. I want to see the Federation can maintain its morals in the face of complete adversity. You could incorporate some of the same characters from the previous shows, to keep a nostalgic feel for the committed fans (a la Stars Wars), but also expand the universe as you see fit. The Delta Quadrant had a host of good monsters too. They would look great in touched up special effects. Yeah, it would be my dream to write for the new show.
  5. The weather here in Minneapolis has been weird and warm. It’s like a scab has been ripped off the landscape by the unseasonable heat. What’s left underneath the dirty crust of street wash and snow grime is a confused slab of earth that doesn’t know if it should wake up. When the natural world doesn’t know what to do, and pauses like a bathroom break in Street Fighter II, you start to get concerned that maybe all the energies are flowing in the wrong direction with our earth.

Thank you everyone for reading my work. Here are last week’s musings if you need to get caught up. Also, last week I published a little essay for my dad’s birthday. The latest update for DOL 39 started to introduce the physical conflict with the DOL’s children. I’ll be at Marscon: 2016 Parallel Dimensions paneling and selling books, so here is a copy of my itinerary. Last but not least, check out my beautiful wife’s pictures of water droplets. Thank you everyone for supporting me. Have a great week!


11 thoughts on “Monday Musings 2/29

  1. “However, if we sit on the mistakes we’ve made in the past, they’ll fester like some abomination locked in a mad scientist’s lab.”
    I couldn’t agree more! At some point we have to let go and forgive! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Your introduction rings true, my dear, particularly in my own life – I suppose it is characteristic of me to remain selective of self-judgement.
    Vivid words, astute musings. As always.
    I wish I were able to attend the Marscon, seeing as I’ve never been. Unfortunately, circumstances have tethered me here on the coast. Raincheck for 2017, perhaps?
    Have a wonderful week, my dear.


  3. Interesting thoughts… you had a very different childhood than I did, btw. I wasn’t brought up in a very religious setting, so your memories of church smells are intriguing.

    I also recently saw Deadpool and loved it. Not so much for the macho jokes, but the sentimentality, innovation, and if nothing else, the relief that came from watching a movie that seems about as macho and “guy-ish” as a movie could get and still has heart at its core.

    I also loved that the female love interest was age appropriate, whereas the teenage girl was teased for moodiness and sarcasm. That’s refreshing. 🙂


    1. Yeah. It was a great movie. You’re completely right about the female characters. I was impressed by the love story and how sad it was to me. Thank you for commenting 🙂 like always. I look forward to reading your opinions.

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