Visit Me at Marscon 2016


I’ll be a vendor, panelist, and book-signing-author-guy at Marscon 2016 here in the Twin Cities. The science fiction and fantasy convention takes place in Bloomington MN, Friday March 4th – Sunday March 6th.  

Click Here For More Information About Marscon 2016: Parallel Dimensions

I love Marscon because it functions as this geeky hodgepodge of genres. You can find everything there, from X-Men cosplay to independent horror films made in derelict turkey factories in northern Minnesota. The hosts of Marscon go to extreme lengths to make you feel comfortable there. You can find me in the vendor room selling my books. I’ll be doing a Marscon special of two books for $20.00. I’ll also sign your book and attempt to doodle something terrifying on your inside cover. It might just end up being a tree or cloud. Besides selling books, I’ll be doing a bunch of panels, which vary from the future of Star Trek to concepts of structure in the modern narrative. Here are a list of all the panels I’ll be on in case you’re in attendance and want to come meet up with me, or just come visit the vendor room. They’re in the same order they’ll hopefully appear on the program at Marscon:

Where Should Star Trek Boldly Go Next – Saturday 11:00 am in III Eagle’s Nest

Short Stories vs Novels – Saturday  3:oo pm in III Eagle’s Nest

Mass Literary Signing (not a panel)Saturday 4:30 pm in Krushenko’s

Not My Beautiful Minnesota – Saturday 6:00 pm in III Eagle’s Nest

I Think I’ve Read this Before – Saturday 8:00 pm in III Eagle’s Nest

The Multiple Dimensions of Story – Saturday 10:00 pm in III Eagle’s Nest

Cyberpunk: Writing and Reading – Sunday 12:00 pm in III Eagle’s Nest

Artistic Inspiration – Sunday 3:00 pm in III Eagle’s Nest

These panels are always subject to change in the maelstrom of convention anomalies. They happen. They exist. They’re sort of like giant squids and black holes. Anyways, I hope to see people there. Please come visit. I would love to chat about life, writing, monsters, and all aspects of popular culture. Thank you for reading my work and supporting me. Thank you.


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