Books on the Shelf


Normally, I’m not wild about posting pictures of my books in their natural environment. However, because I’ve delayed entering the world of writing and publishing due to my own lack of confidence, and since I literally published Beware the Ills while living in my parent’s basement three years ago, I feel compelled to share this image. It feels good to have my books on a shelf in a library, and not just in the trunk of my car. To be sitting next to so many other brilliant writers, all of whom I respect for simply embracing this difficult medium, is really an honor. A big thank you to the NHCC library for taking a chance on my writing and allowing it to be part of their inventory. I’m always thankful for the chance to share my stories, whether they’re monsters, nonfiction, or meditations on the Nintendo DS.

I got pretty emotional seeing my books in the fiction section next to Franz Kafka and John Updike, two legends who I’ve read recently. I’ve spent ten years of my life taking writing classes at various colleges. I’ve been enamored with writing to the point that I’ve never embraced my own identity or style, but merely adopted others. Now, with this blog and my books, I feel like I’m finally writing what I want.

Obviously, I’m lucky to be able to pursue my dreams. I’ve paid for it by living in poverty, isolation, and depression for most of my adult life. I’m still trying to make a living at this to sustain my family. Until that happens, I won’t feel free. Thank you for supporting me everyone. There are two reasons why I write.

  1. My natural method of honesty and communication can only occur through written narrative. I realized this when I was small. I’m a storyteller. I tell stories to find truth for myself. Writing stories are the only way I come even close to answering any of life’s big questions.
  2. Writing allows me to help people. It feels good to help people. Whether it’s entertaining you with faceless monsters, or sadness through my depression-wild nonfiction, if I can derail the common emotional drive of everyday life and make you feel connected to me as a human being, then every letter of every word is worth it. If I can help you understand yourself, feel close to me, or to give you the feeling that you’re not alone in your fears, every blog post, story, and page is worth it.

Thank you everyone who continues to support me. I can’t do it alone. My family, friends, and followers are everything to me. Thank you so very much.


13 thoughts on “Books on the Shelf

    1. Thank you for reading it and commenting. Messages like this sustain me. I still don’t always have confidence, but knowing that I won’t always have complete control over how I view myself against societies standards sort of relaxes me. There is peace in that chaos. Thank you for supporting me.

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