Listen to the Phantom Train

Bob's Image

I am fortunate enough to have one of my Flash Fiction pieces The Phantom Train be included in an awesome website and radio station called Bob’s Short Story Hour. You don’t need iTunes or any special program to listen to the free fiction and narration.

Please Click Here to Listen to Bob Read “The Phantom Train”

This is a great thing Bob’s got going here. He has a good voice and style for narration. The website and radio station are both clear and organized. He reads works by authors and from the public domain. Also, he’s always looking for submissions from fellow storytellers. Do me a favor and support this guy. He’s setting aside his time and energy to get stories out there in a different medium for us. Thank you for your support everyone.

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9 thoughts on “Listen to the Phantom Train

  1. This is so awesome Mr. Marsh! It must be a real thrill to hear your stuff read out loud. I am just curious how you got one of your pieces onto Bob’s short story hour?

    Anyway, keep up the great writing!

    – Deanna


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