Monday Musings 1/18

Thank you everyone for the very nice compliments about I Can’t Change the Sunlight, which was featured as an editor’s pick on WordPress Discover. Writing honest content like that nonfiction essay, along with the outpouring of support is why I love the Blogsphere. These emotional pieces take a toll on me. I usually cry and spin around on my office chair, while listening to variations of Adagio in D, which is the theme song to the movie Sunshine. I also listen to the theme song from Out of Africa or Godfather: Part One. It’s a dark and violent process. I usually ramp up the sadness meter all the way to pull these stories out of me, like a bright red gauge on a nuclear meltdown indicator from some B action movie. I’m happy to see people are enjoying them.

  1. The cold has entrenched itself like a bad emotion here in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The skyscrapers are the grandest indicator of the climate. They look choked and crunched under the weight of thin air. Steam crawls out of them bashfully, like the industrial materials were ashamed of their exhausted curls. Light plays matter differently in this searing frost. At night, the beams of bending cars look so contained, like the headlights were afraid to fall out of their fiberglass casings.
  2. How many versions of Garfield are there on Netflix? There is the classic cartoon from my 90’s childhood. I’d devour that series up after school around 4 pm. The voice of Garfield was so monotone, I thought it was artificial, like a movie star had died and they synthesized his voice into eternity. The new, heavily CG version seems to have the same actor portraying Garfield, but the animation is so round and bright, I feel like I’m hallucinating, or caught in Garfield’s dream itself. Is this how he views reality?
  3. My wife and I have watched the entire first season of Making a Murderer on Netflix. I enjoyed the show. Of course, it’s depressing and disheartening in how it portrays the criminal justice system. My biggest concern about that series and how it reflects our society is how the impoverished and uneducated are prey to the predatory conviction rate of law enforcement departments. Obviously, one story about the system doesn’t reflect the entire intentions of all. However, if you’re poor and uneducated, then you are at a disadvantage when it comes to legal representation.
  4. Video games have long been classified by annoyed parents as being methods of unhealthy escapism for their children. I don’t think this is the case. Gaming is a pixel-reflection of our own reality. A grandiose mirror of castles and spaceships, where you have absolute freedom, instead of worrying about bedtime or paying the rent. Video games might be less about escapism, and more about engaging a type of freedom the modern world doesn’t allow anymore. Knowing fantasy intimately might make reality more bearable.
  5. I really want to watch the Revenant. I love the director. I’m a fan of the survivalist setting, which is great for me here in Minnesota. However, the movie looks so brutal and visceral, I feel like taking a nap from just watching the previews. I think my reaction is a relevant force for any audience. When does the harshness of story need to be swept aside for the sake of theater? When does something need to have a hint of entertainment to make it more palatable? This is an equation that has plagued many, and it will continue to do so. I feel like you can never solve this one.

Note: I thought I’d mention a few things happening on What the Basement Said. First, I’ve added a PayPal Donate button on the side. I’m uncomfortable even mentioning it thanks to my masochistic Midwest values, but I’m looking for $5 donations to help keep my site going in the face of oblivion. Second, my wife has put her photography career on hold to raise our twin baby boys. I’ll be posting her photos next Sunday, and every Sunday henceforth under the category/page Sun & Petrichor with short descriptions. Please check it out. Thank you everyone for the amazing support. Have a great week!


6 thoughts on “Monday Musings 1/18

  1. Your writing is great! Vivid language! And I have family from the midwest, and I’ve definitely witnessed the “masochistic Midwest values.” Haha. I may have even inherited some of it. Good for you for adding a Donate button, and I’ll be sure to check out your wife’s photos. Enjoy those twins!


  2. YES! I’ve never played one but Video games are *more* than meet the eye. “Video games might be less about escapism, and more about engaging a type of freedom the modern world doesn’t allow anymore. Knowing fantasy intimately might make reality more bearable.” Well said! If I’d grown up with video games full of castles and magic, and got good at gaming, I’ve no doubt I’d have been hooked. Parents do need to set limits when kids get addicted (too much of anything…), but so many gamers get an undeserved bad reputation when they’re some of the smartest and most creative people around.


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