Reading Event 1/21

As part of my writer-in-residence, I’ll be doing a reading at the Robbin Gallery on Thursday, January 21st at 7 pm. I know WordPress is an international audience, but if you’re local, like free events, and enjoy having people read soothing things to you about suicide, depression, Boba Fett, and haunted forests with doom trains, then you should probably attend this event.

The format is pretty simple. I read stuff. I’ll be reading a variety of content from this blog, my books, and other scraps of paper I’ve scribbled down to distract myself from the monotony of life. I usually read for about a 30 minutes. I then do a Q & A. I’ve found at other readings, authors sometimes tend to droll on over a passage, like unhooked robot slaves from a hive mind. I keep my stuff pretty short. My attention span is minimal too. Lasers, floating castles, haunted skulls, and Kylo Ren.

The venue for the reading is an old library transformed into an art gallery. They’ve put in new wooden floors, so it’ll give you a nice log cabin feel in this Minnesota winter. There are beautiful pieces of art decorating the walls. The basement is dim-lit and dungeon-dreary, like the second season of American Horror Story.

For More Information About Robbin Gallery Click Here

Please come on out for this free event. I actually care if you have a good time and are entertained. This isn’t some self-soothing ego trip where I talk about my view of humanity. I read stories. Show emotion. I’ll probably cry. I’ll probably laugh. Thank you everyone for your support and awesome comments. I hope you enjoy my writing. Thank you for reading.


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