Monday Musings 12/21

  1. Holidays are approaching, which potentially causes a slight dip in posts due to the rabid consumption of casseroles, ham with buns, and partially liquefied fruit salad. However, I would like to keep posting stuff regularly. I just hope my metabolism doesn’t shut down under the wave of saturated fat and sugar. After the holidays, I feel like I should be put into some sort of cryogenic sleep to let the calories and awkward conversations wear off. Around spring time, some armored space marine with painted skulls on his shoulder can wander up to my pod, and casually wipe the frost from my viewing glass. He’d say: “What have you seen? What horrors have you witnessed that you would need to rest for so long?” The holidays came through. The holidays…
  2. Watched the new Star Wars No spoilers here. I loved it. I don’t think they could have done a better job of restarting the universe. It was a good movie, but the way they resurrected the story line with new characters and conflicts was even more stupendous. I eagerly await the new film, and the prequel film Rogue One. Star Wars reminded me, and I think many audiences, what Hollywood films should be like; outrageously gorgeous special effects, great actors, and amazing locations that are so grounded in realism they look like they could be in your cyberpunk backyard. In the Golden Age of Television, and our relentless streaming devices, Star Wars is still a big screen experience that’ll draw our culture of introverts into the cold and wild, to zap us back to our childhood on the tail-end of a light speed jump.
  3. Recently, I’ve come into conflict with some other parents about video games and where they fit in a child’s life and development. If you’ve looked at my blog and website at all, you’d know I’m an advocate for video games and their cultural influence. Squaresoft and Nintendo raised me in many ways, providing me with a moral compass and allowing me to acknowledge the complexity of life through other people’s perspectives. I think there is this devouring stereotype about video games being violent windows to war and bloodlust. The games that are identified with these clichés are often introduced to children, and sometimes teenagers too early in their growth. The adult level of violence and sexuality apparent in mature rated games is worthy of these labels. As parents, we tend to use video games to occupy our children. We need time to do things around the house or rest, so we plop our children in front of the television or tablet. If you know what they’re playing before they play it, you’ll be better equipped to understand how it shapes their identity. If you want to know how your children are being effected by video games, please play the systems with them. The technology to play multiplayer games with your family is inexpensive due to product saturation in the gaming market. Make it a family affair. We have a family video game night once a week. My stepsons love that consistency. Also, invest in brands that design games specifically for family and children, like Nintendo. It’s unrealistic to expect your children to be uninterested in video games, since they’re everywhere all the time. Thanks to Millennials like me, they won’t be going anywhere due to our formative basement culture.
  4. I’m really getting into Star Trek Voyager right now. The plot of a marooned Star Fleet craft trying to preserve its regulations and morals in the face of a limitless void is great storytelling. Insert organ thieves who cut off people’s faces and wear them, and you’ve got my attention. The funny difference between Star Wars and Star Trek: In Star Wars they explain how nothing works when it comes to technology. In Star Trek they explain how everything works, plus even more how things work.
  5. The weather here in Minnesota seems like it’s caught in a dream of itself. Dreary, water-tired air just sort of drifts aimlessly over the mud-brown plains. Even the buildings, stout and ominous in their concrete skins, seem like they miss the frosty edge of winter. The dirt-blemished earth looks so exposed against the powerful currents of El Niño. The air smells like unrealized methane. The decay hasn’t been locked away by the snow like half-rotted ghouls in the basement. The whole natural world looks like someone has hit the pause button. I just hope nature remembers where the remote went.

6 thoughts on “Monday Musings 12/21

  1. pixieannie

    I’m curious to know what partially liquified fruit salad is like? Not that I’d wish to actually taste the stuff but more curious to know if it was left to turn into some sort of moonshine or just because it was squigded by the hands of 5 year olds.


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