Monday Musings 12/14

I like to think of lists as some sort of cosmic anomaly, where raw thoughts are pulled into this sizzling vacuum of pixels, and poured out as reborn light in the form of numbers, dashes, and bullets. Weekends for me always produce a list, especially Sunday night where nostalgia reigns like some sort of cannibal king. Lists on Mondays are my personal attempt to capture smoke, to reach for the tails of ghosts, and compact them down like a wind-whipped sandcastle.

  1. I finished the Sci-Fi extravaganza known as Farscape this last weekend. I really enjoyed the show because of its ambition, and how it basically kept the same characters and plot for the majority of the story, while relying on motifs of discovery and exploration like any space crawler. I need to track down the miniseries for it, especially since a film is in development. I could only watch a max of three Farscape episodes in a row. The entire show is so dense with plot, special effects, and dialogue, you become overwhelmed visually and emotionally. Farscape has some outrageous monsters too, including the Scarrans, which are terrifying heat-gland infused carnivores who robotically massacre anyone in their way. They appear in the second season, and you really never stop thinking about them. This is the trademark of a good monster.
  2. As an older gamer, or someone who was brewed and built beneath dusty cartridges and 5 minute load times, I’ve found having to learn new video games to be painfully monotonous as I’ve gotten older. Nintendo has become my chief brand in terms of gaming, since everything is exactly the same since my days beneath the basement window hammering fireballs at carnivorous flowers, whose violent disorientation is now understandable since they’re imprisoned in exaggerated chunks of plumbing. Recently, I’ve been playing Super Smash Brothers on the Wii U with my family. You pick one of your beloved Nintendo characters like Samus, Mario, or Donkey Kong. Then, you beat the utter snot out of each other under a colorful deluge of hammers, starships, bombs, rockets, swords, guns, lasers, cannons, dragons, and flamethrowers. The whole experience is complete chaos, yet, it brings me a sense of peace.
  3. Still waiting for the dial to click to winter here in Minnesota. The climate is trying to feel itself out, and even the continuous rain that keeps falling seems confused and questioning. It never really commits to a pour or drizzle, but something in-between. In the midst of this muddled weather, the rain tends to melt all the details around us into this droplet-edged impressionist painting. At night, the streetlights and stoplights mix into the gloom like they were being threaded by some phantom hand. It makes for good melancholy, but also a ridiculous consumption of caffeine.
  4. This previous week for my flash fiction piece I published a story called I Sing Constellations. I’m very much in love with the monster in it. I’m sure I’ll revisit him again someday. If you haven’t read it yet, please click here. I’m excited to see this monster again.
  5. My wife bought a deer skull for the wall. I keep teasing her that we can now sacrifice to the pagan gods without worry. I wonder how many times I can use that joke. I told her we can drink the blood of our enemies out of it, and pray to Odin for a swift death in Ragnarok.

Have a great week everyone.


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