Monday Musings 12/7

This is my second attempt at random thoughts for the week. These ideas have no order or relation to one another. These meditations are like asteroids floating around a cosmic darkness with a sole Star Fighter spinning beams between them. Eventually, one of those Crayola-red rays hits and pulverizes a chunk of space rock, and there it is, you have a musing. Enjoy everyone, and thank you for the support.

  1. The weight of blood is sinking all my social networks. Without fail, by about 4 pm Central Time, a cloud of bullets, rows of body bags like fish on a dock, and screenshots of shattered windows fill the Trending Bar. This is followed by barbs of uneducated hate. Please stop killing one another. Reality isn’t what the media or popular narratives describe it to be. There is no perfect dream, marriage, job, or situation. Don’t let someone else’s outdated and preconceived notion of happiness dictate your anger. I’m not saying these thoughts were the methodology behind these acts of violence. I just think people tend to let others think for them. My hope with writing these stories, both nonfiction and fiction, is that people can see the complexities of life, and not be ashamed for being depressed, suicidal, or anxious.
  2. I finished the first season of Master of None with Aziz Ansari on Netflix. Fantastic series. It really pinpointed a lot of the conflicts Millennials face in a world ruled by popular culture. It also focused on many odd social norms that have originated with the rapid evolution of technology. Texting, online dating, wanderlust, and the uncertainty of emotional commitment are all examined in half-hour episodes in colossal, but poetic New York City. The overarching theme of the first season was simple and elegant for me; with all this science, technology, and history, there are no guarantees when it comes to dealing with other people, or investing your emotions in someone. Our generation has a hard time understanding this void, and typically avoid it like a haunted nebula locked in space. There is too much risk associated with being human.
  3. You know how technology gets updated, re-released, and improved at a rate that makes you feel like you’re never upgraded enough? Technology can be a parent that’s never proud of you. I had that feeling recently. On Black Friday I bought a Nintendo 3DS, which included Mario 3D. Nintendo is an amazing brand for older gamers like myself. You really don’t need to learn anything new with the game or system itself. You’ve played some version of it at some point in your Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, and Wii timeline. Mario always needs to avoid fireballs, cliffs, castles, ghost houses, and steroid-sized turtles. The 8-bit evolutionary chain of Nintendo doesn’t require many reflexes. However, the moment I bought this 3DS I couldn’t afford, a newer 3DS was released called, ironically enough, “The New 3DS.” Argh.
  4. Recently, a coworker was talking to me about children and mentioned his son had a sty removed from his face. It was apparently large enough to require surgery, which consisted of popping and draining the backwards bubble. What a hideous event? The poor 4-year-old. I’m destroyed when my children are ill, and I make it a point to tell people around me so they know why I’m an irritable pain-in-the-ass. This coworker of mine had this situation boiling in his life, and he kept it hidden for the sake of what? I can’t imagine them scrapping skin off my son’s faces.
  5. Winter was just a sneak preview for us in Minnesota. Warmer temperatures have returned. Now the earth has that limitless, slopping brown decay that the snow usually keeps hidden. Leafless trees, muddy grass, and sand-warped roads seem locked in this moment before the great ice-crystal hibernation. We’re included in this watching and waiting for the white hills to form, and seal away this wasteland we’re not supposed to see.

Thank you everyone for being amazing! Have a great week and take care.

3 thoughts on “Monday Musings 12/7

  1. I just finished Master of None as well. I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn’t expecting something with a realistic dialogue on life matters (like moving in together and aging) to come from a Netflix comedy series. It was simple and honest yet still funny. I can’t wait for the next season.


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