The Sequel to the Greenland Diaries is now available on the Kindle!

51ByGD+Y3iL__SX312_BO1,204,203,200_It took a long time coming, or I guess about six months, but the first half of the long awaited sequel to The Greenland Diaries is now available on Kindle. The second half (next 50 days) will be published along with the paperback addition in October. The sequel has a slightly different vibe than the first 100 days. The main character has to leave his neighborhood, and start to establish a bizarre relationship with the Reanimated, and also the Unnamed. The first novel was more level with the plot with occasional spikes of action when the narrator would find his confidence to face an unknown set of monsters that appear on a nightly basis. However, in the sequel he finds himself locked in more intense situations with the Unnamed, as they continue to evolve to sniff out survivors.  The sequel does not hold anything back, and the grim reality of this apocalyptic narrative hammers the audience on a nightly basis. Editing and writing the novel, I couldn’t help but get entranced with the situation, because it’s simply so fluid. There is absolutely no sense of comfort. It’s just like reality. The character’s voice matches this breakdown as he muses over the same details, issues, and situations to a nearly insane degree. He tries to look at the world differently with his language, but the eerie consistency of the nightmarish plant world is weighing him down. It got to the point when I was editing and writing it, that I started to feel a shared claustrophobia in these situations.

The kindle version is $ 2.99. More sequels to come. I love writing this story and producing new fiction. I hope you enjoy it, and thank you so much for supporting me. Thank you Al Ostman for the excellent illustration of the Unnamed.

Click Here to Purchase The Greenland Diaries: Days 101 – 140


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