Join Me For Part Two of My Reading Series at the Robbin Gallery


On July 30th at 6:30 pm, the second reading event as part of my writer-in-residence at the Robbin Gallery will be occurring in all its monster glory. I realize now that the vast majority of people who know me personally are uncomfortable with how dark my writing is, especially when I share nonfiction that inspired the horrors. Too fricking bad!  The more honest I get with my writing, the more uncomfortable people seem to get. We’re like synced together like an iTunes library or something. Whatever hateful, sad thing I’ve experienced gets downloaded into your subconscious to fester around like some sort of uncontested purchase. I want you to feel what I’m feeling. Not only is it therapeutic for me on a selfish level, but it’s also a way to communicate with other human beings on an emotional plain. I’ll be reading a variety of things, but mostly about The Greenland Diaries and nonfiction that explains the story.  Please come join me for this free event. Thank you for your support everyone.

Click Here For More Information About the Writer-In-Residence at Robbin Art Gallery


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