Whiz Bang Days Recap

Whiz Bang 1

Thought I’d do a little recap of my Whiz Bang Days book sale here in Robbinsdale, Minnesota. I was part of the Art on the Lawn event at the Robbin Gallery where I am the writer-in-residence. The event was amazing. I met a ton of amazing and supportive people. My book The Greenland Diaries went over very well, and I nearly sold out of copies (the 1st part of the sequel will be released on Kindle over the next two weeks). The Robbinsdale connection with the book was a major selling point, and people enjoyed hearing about my personal experiences that inspired the story with an apocalyptic edge. I basically took my nonfiction life, and injected monsters in it to represent various emotional events. I thought of my life, plus some monsters.

Whiz Bang 2

This was my first outdoor non-convention book event. It was nice that the event was free for people to attend, and you could literally walk off the side of the street to find some free art, music, and literature. There was constant live music, from folk to classic rock to the Blues. If I hadn’t been part of the event, I would’ve attended it.  I was a little worried about being outside with a ton of paperback books, but the storms abated for the majority of the event, and there was only one particular fly that liked to attack me on regular basis. That thing was vicious, I practically have PTSD from it. I’ll be back next year to be part of this amazing event. I will be doing more outdoor, fair events as the summer continues. Thank you everyone for you support. Please come visit me at my reading series at the Robbin Gallery. The events are free and I’ll be posting information about it soon.


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