CONvergence Recap

Convergence PanelConvergence Panel 2

Thank you all who attended, supported, liked, and shared my status and attendance at CONvergence 2015 here in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This was my first-time paneling at the convention, and it went amazing. I’ll admit, I was hesitant because one of the panels I was on at Marscon was so thick with egomania, I had a really bad taste in my mouth concerning the whole experience. To be specific, I was in a panel about the Hobbit movies and its commitment to the book, and I was less than pleased about the adaptation. Everyone else on the panel had a strange nonsexual crush on Peter Jackson, and whatever he created they seemed to be unquestionably obsessed with no matter the quality. After a fair amount of tense arguing, passive-aggressive stares, and tears, the panel was over. I was thoroughly demonized. I was like the one weird kid in class who  tends to be the voice of reason. The dissenting lemming before the edge of the cliff.

Luckily, my panel at CONvergence was far from this experience. The panel was the Art of the Plot Twist. When referencing my own writing, I mostly talked about The Greenland Diaries. The main character is completely at the mercy of an evolving, monster-stocked environment; therefore, he’s the victim of many plot twists. I preached about the importance of a controlled setting versus an uncontrolled setting for plot twists. I also mentioned Game of Thrones fairly often because of the plot twists. I pointed out that examining the environment and how corrupt it was, were you really surprised by the outcomes? We talked about some of our favorite and least favorite plot twists. Babadook for favorite, and the Village for not favorite. The other panelists were established, interested, and kind. I enjoyed listening to them, and they were very generous with their time. They were Jack Reher, Lana Rosario, Wesley Chu, and Carrie Patel.

I’ll be back next year, hopefully on more panels and selling my novels. Thank you again for all the support.


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