I’ll Be at CONvergence 2015 On a Panel – Art of the Plot Twist


Hey all, I’ll be at CONvergence this year for the first time on a panel – Art of the Plot Twist. The panel occurs at 3:30 pm on Saturday, July 4th. I’m particularly excited about being a part of this discussion because I utilize the plot twist pretty often in my writing. In The Greenland Diaries there are dozens of twists and turns,  because the main character is completely at the mercy of his environment. He is not in control of his situation. At night he hides. At night he tries to stop the monsters from noticing him. Avoiding conflict is currently the only course of action; therefore, he is at the mercy of fate. The Greenland Diaries is the perfect example of reality and chaos theory. A fluid plot and setting. Please come see me at CONvergence on Saturday at 3:30. The panel will be great and information. Thank you everyone for your support, and I hope to see you on Saturday. Thank you.

Please Click Here for more Information About CONvergence


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