Program Description for Robbin Art Gallery Residency


For my readings and residency at the Robbin Gallery beginning June 18th, I’ll be focusing on a combination of two different genres; fiction and nonfiction. As a published fiction writer, I’ve always been interested in where my seeded metaphors and inspirations spawned from. Recently, I’ve started to write nonfiction about what made the monsters from my short stories and popular series The Greenland Diaries. I’ll be focusing frequently on The Greenland Diaries, since it’s based in Robbinsdale and accompanied with an apocalyptic setting and faceless monsters. At each reading event per month, I will read snippets of fiction from short stories and my novels, followed by a longer piece of nonfiction explaining the origin of the material. It’s good for my audience to have some concept and explanation about where I drew these monsters from.

This description brings me to the title of my reading series at the Robbin Gallery, which will be called What the Basement Said. Just like the majority of my generation and younger, I was partially raised alone in a basement playing video games. I’m not completely a child of the digital age, or playing outdoors between cracked vines and wind-whirled cotton willow seeds. I’m a child of the in-between, a little boy, young man, and respective adult caught in a vacuum of self-indulgent narcissistic behavior. I was raised in the generation of everyone being a winner, do whatever you want in college, self-gratification is the most important, nostalgia is your only entrance into culture, and identity is only legit through materialism. This residency and reading series will reflect the passiveness of my generation and our rampant inability to confront problems. Fiction allows me to express myself honestly, and nonfiction explains why I need to lie. By studying both the monsters that I’ve created, and why they exist, I hope the audience can relate to my problems, and perhaps solve their own.

Thank you for all your support, and I hope you can attend these free and amazing reading events at the Robbin Art Gallery in Robbinsdale, Minnesota.


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