The Release of My Short Story Collection: Seven Monsters

Cover Image

I’m happy to announce the release of my short story collection Seven Monsters, which includes a variety of fiction from various publications. The stories vary in size and scope from small anecdotes about children being left home alone, to mutilated dragons and sky pirates twisting across the sky. The cover of my book is based on the story “Lobo,” which features characters I might revisit in the future. You build these identities within your writing, and sometimes you let them boss you around for a while.

One plus side of the getting this book via Amazon or through me is you’ll be given a sneak preview of the sequel to my debut novel Beware the Ills. Enclosed within this collection is the first chapter of This Living Cage. If you don’t know too much about Beware the Ills, you’ll know that the story takes place in a plot-ridden vacuum. There is little to no exposition. You’re strapped into the first-person narration of the novel, and limited by his bizarre perspective. In the sequel, in the very first chapter you’re given a ton of information about what is happening, since the novel’s perspective is from someone sent to kill the guardian from one of the nations coveting the island.

I’m not trying to capitalize on spreading out This Living Cage to other books to make more money. To be honest, Beware the Ills took six years to write. I wrote it by hand between customers while working as a teller at a bank. The style of the perspective is very challenging, and getting it to properly mimic the stream-of-consciousness voice is hard for just one perspective, let alone three different ones in This Living Cage. People keep asking me for a sequel to the novel at conventions and such, but it’s not easy pumping out the continued story to something that took you half a decade to write.

So, enjoy the first chapter of this novel. The short stories are tiny gems from all sorts of emotional influences. I was left home alone a lot as a child. I don’t understand how you could ever trust a vampire. Sometimes you think you’re doing the right thing, but instead your decision destroys an entire environment. I’m an emotional writer. I hope you enjoy these stories as they are parts of me forged with ink and pixels. Thank you for the support. It means everything.

Please click here to be taken to Seven Monsters on Amazon. 


  1. greenlanddiary says:

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    From my author page, a new book with some connections to the Greenland Diaries. Enjoy!


  2. cdog5 says:

    Congratulations! Great news indeed, 🙂


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