Reading Recap from Robbin Gallery

Robbin Art Gallery Reading

First off, a big thank you to everyone who came to the reading. To my family, friends, and most importantly fans who were able to pry themselves away from the complexities of everyday life to enjoy some apocalyptic fiction in a quaint little art gallery in Robbinsdale, thank you. Your support is literally the primary fuel to keep me going on these endeavors. It’s always been hard to try and get people to come to my readings, but this was the first time it was a packed house. We needed more chairs, which made me grin while reading excerpts.

You can see that grin above 🙂

Thank you again Alex Wasnick and the Robbin Gallery. You have a great and charming venue, with a variety of intricate work carved by your own two hands. Also, thank you Al Ostman for those beautiful illustrations you made at the bottom of the podium. Those things are going to be dragged everywhere, and your style fits the content of book perfectly.

Some of the content I read was from The Greenland Diaries: Days 1 – 100. Other pieces were nonfiction that inspired the Unnamed. All in all it was an emotional event, which is what a reading should be. If the author isn’t crying, laughing, or ranting, then how are you supposed to be invested in the content? Emotional investment is key to engaging the audience. My next event is on April 29th, as part of Student Celebration Day at North Hennepin Community College. There will be two readings at 10:30 am, and also at 2:30 pm in BHCC 102. Stay tuned for more details. 

Thank you again everyone for your support!


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