New Novel The Greenland Diaries is Alive and WELL – by Patrick W. Marsh

After a weekend of selling books to some amazing people at Crypticon Minneapolis, I’m back home updating my personal blog after a late night run to Cub Foods for some donuts. There really is only one thing I want to talk about and that is my novel The Greenland Diaries, which is now available in paperback and Kindle format. I went to Crypticon armed with 30 books and I came back with nine. I sold 21 books in three days to the folks at this convention. I thought The Greenland Diaries would be popular, but I didn’t think I’d sell almost all of them without any advertising, and the book has only been out about a week.

The Greenland Diaries is the perfect mix of fiction and nonfiction. I’ve based a bunch of the details on my old personal life. One thing I’ve struggled with as a writer is trying to pick a genre to stick with, whether it be nonfiction or fiction. People say you can do everything, but the ugly truth is that you can’t. To have any identity in a saturated marketplace thanks to the internet, you must eventually have some sort of focus to make you standout from everyone who is trying everything to try and get a foothold. I’m lucky in that I realized my genre right away, but sometimes complete choice takes the fun out of everything. I’ve had three people tell me they can’t put the book down. One person at the convention read half the book in one night.

This is an important project to me. I’m going to continue posting new entries every Tuesday at and it’ll be new content. Days 101 – 200 will be online for free, but they’ll be released in Fall 2015 in book form.

To Purchase The Greenland Diaries on Paperback Please Click Here

To Purchase The Greenland Diaries on Kindle Please Click Here


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