Halloween + Elk River Honorarium + New Novel Release = Exhaustion by Patrick W. Marsh

I’ve got a few things going on right now…

First off – A flash fiction piece of mine was published in a Ebook only Halloween anthology entitled: “Spooky Halloween Drabbles.” My piece is entitled “A Pearl Scarecrow” and it’s located in the center of the anthology. They’re selling the anthology on Amazon for .99, so if you need a little reading material to get you in the mood for Halloween, please check it out. There are many great writers included in this collection, and the material is all eclectic, but still centered on Halloween.

To Purchase a Copy of Spooky Halloween Drabbles with my Piece – A Pearl Scarecrow – Please Click Here

Second – My second novel has been released. I’ve spoken a few times about my apocalyptic blog The Greenland Diaries a few times on here. The first 100 days of this blog are now available in paperback and Ebook form via Amazon. You can read some of the entries included at Calamities Press, but you can only get the full 100 days in the book form. If you like the concept of journals in an apocalyptic setting, you’ll love The Greenland Diaries. I guarantee you the monsters are like nothing you’ve even seen before.

To Purchase a Copy of The Greenland Diaries: Day 1 – 100 – Please Click Here

Third – I’ll be doing an event/honorarium at the Elk River Library here in Minnesota on October 22 at 6:30 pm. I’ll be reading some nonfiction, fiction, and maybe a little poetry. I love doing readings, and try to make them reasonably entertaining and not some poetic, self-centered droll. If you’re in town, the neighborhood, or in the galaxy, please come join me.

To Find Out More Information About my Reading at the Elk River Library in MN – Please Click Here


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