Update for Author Thingys

Been a little while since I updated my website/blog/hub of author activity. Recently, I’ve started to republish my popular apocalyptic blog The Greenland Diaries via my literary magazine Calamities Press. I’m starting it at Day One and going from there. It’s a cross marketing strategy since my Greenland Diaries will be released as a book in October at Crypticon – Minnesota’s premier horror convention. You can find the Greenland Diaries from the beginning at http://www.calamitiespress.com. If you want the most updated post you can read my newest entry at http://www.greenlanddiary.com. I’m in this huge part of the story where the main character is trapped in a house by a sewn together monster. Lovely, right? Also, if you want a little tie-in to The Greenland Diaries check out A Phantom Forest http://aphantomforest.blogspot.com – it’s a prequel to the Greenland Diairies. More updates this week! Thank you for your support!


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