Monday Musings 1/15

Still struggling to get over this stupid chest cold I’d had for the last 10 days. Had some bloodwork done that came back abnormal, so I might be fighting some sort of infection. It hasn’t helped that it has been an artic prison here in Minnesota. Below zero temps don’t mix well with a dry cough.

  1. So, I’ve always known I’ve had depression, but it wasn’t officially diagnosed until a few years ago via therapy. Of course, there is a difference between secretly thinking you have some sort of illness and a trained medical professional identifying it. The realization that you’ve suffered with this ailment happens immediately, but the acceptance that you indeed suffer from a mental illness going forward, well, even today I’m still trying to get there. Just because you know there is a problem doesn’t make you solve it.
  2. Going off number one, I think one thing nice about expressing myself through writing is that I can broach this acceptance through my prose. Since I’m so focused on the Greenland Diaries right now, I happen to beam a bunch of personal experience into the voice of the narrator in this apocalyptic setting. In my most recent book, The Greenland Diaries: Days 141 – 200, I directly implanted some of my firsthand experiences into the hopelessness the main character feels. I think it is important as a writer to know that you can do this regardless of the project.
  3. I might be too introspective about my creative process, but one of the reasons I’ve discovered that I enjoy writing about monsters is my natural curiosity about what makes them tick. I need to know more about them than that they simply exist, and scare or torment you. The Greenland Diaries is all about the monsters. They are the main character. They’re the reason I chose a perspective of a regular guy, so his voice wouldn’t drown out the mystery of their existence. He is in awe of them just like the audience.
  4. I watched the Last Jedi, finally. I really liked it. Luke’s character was human, not some stereotypical savior from a recycled hero’s cycle. He was flawed, realistic, and bitter about his own hubris. I didn’t need him to be this character echo from the original trilogy. To be honest, I don’t think he’d be able to replicate that performance he had in the first movies. Overall, the movie did an excellent job of restarting the canon and taking it in a different narrative direction, much like The Force Awakens. I’m excited to see where the universe goes from here. Rey is awesome by the way. I know she gets lambasted as being too simplistic, but she is the only honest character in the films thus far. She always acts when everyone is like: Huh? She always tries to do the right thing in any situation. She is the moral compass.
  5. I really have no more wisdom for Craft Corner, but I might as well talk about writing a story by hand versus typing. I’ve mentioned this before, but since I almost fell back on my unhealthy habits I’m going to talk about it again. My sister bought me a nice Moleskin notebook for Christmas, and I was tempted to write the next installment of The Greenland Diaries in it. It is romantic to write with a pen on paper. There is something genetically charming and antique about it. However, once you finish that book and you need to transcribe it into a word doc, well, you immediately hate yourself for it. Don’t make the process harder.


  • Vikings finally get a playoff miracle. Wow. We never have that happen to us. I mean, people do that to us all the time, but we’re never the beneficiary. Skol!
  • Electric Dreams on Amazon Prime is pretty good. High science fiction compared to Black Mirror. Still entertaining, including a fantastic episode with Bryan Cranston.
  • If you’re looking to start reading the Greenland Diaries there is a good deal right now in my store. 3 books for $35 with free shipping. This is a savings of $25, so if you want all three books in The Greenland Diaries, you can get them all for cheap.
  • Have a safe and healthy week!