Monday Musings 11/30

  • Last day for my Black Friday deal. 3 books or posters for $20 with free shipping through my Square Store. I sign and personalize each item. You can do any combination. It is a great deal. A savings of $25. Do it. Support your independent booksellers and writers. Been a bad year. No conventions. Zero.
  • I wish Cowboy Bebop were longer. It is killing me. Every episode is just a little pearl of a story. A complete tale with excellent characters and dialogue. There a special attention to the small mannerisms and human details that make the crew so memorable. Highly recommend. It is on Hulu.
  • If you haven’t checked out my two fictional serialized stories on here: Calamity’s Keep or Genesis Adust. They’re both really great. I’m proud of each. I wish I had a little more attention to spend on them, but I’m doing the best I can. Right now they’re publishing weekly. Both of them. Ugh. That will not sustainable. Until then enjoy each series. Dark fantasy and cyberpunk. Hard to go wrong.
  • Finished Derry Girls. Goddamn that show. Too funny. The setting was super interesting too. The story is set during the Troubles of Northern Ireland. Not only are the characters great, but I feel like it exposes you to this part of history that certain audiences might know very much about.
  • Changed the format on these damn musings. I get tired of the numbers and stuff. Been doing this for too many years.
  • I’ve watched Rugrats so many times over the last few years. I never get tired of it. I’m so happy my kids enjoy it.
  • Whenever I stop watching the Vikings they win. I can just never enjoy them.
  • Have a great week everyone.