The Point of Fire

“I need verification. I have the shot. The Unnamed is as clear as day. I can slow it down right now. It’s killed five already and he’s heading towards the truck. The guys have locked the doors, but it’ll peel it apart like a tin can,” Luna said over the radio. She was short, stocky, with blond hair tied tight in a ponytail. She was wearing a hunting cap with a spray of camo across the visor. It matched her shirt and pants, which also blended her into the spark of trees just outside the construction zone, and the Jade. She had no military training. She had survived the drum with her parents out in the woods hunting for game and sleeping in piles of leaves. When they finally purged the center of the United States of the second instrument of death and demons just north of Denver, the new militias enlisted her help as a sharpshooter while the wall was being built.

Even though the two of three drums that had collapsed the nation under the weight of overgrown vines and clawed phantoms was destroyed, the apocalypse left a long green scar across the southwest of the US. The Unnamed were still rampant inside this span of forest that took up 1/3 of the country. There was no drum to give them direction, but they still killed humans if provoked, and nobody really knew what exactly made them mad beyond fire and bullets.

Luna had her problems before the end-of-days. She had a learning disability, or so the teachers of the old world said, which made her shy and cautious. She actually enjoyed the days in the woods dodging the monster’s sharp forms. It was easier in comparison to socializing with other humans. Talking to other people along the building site was more stressful than watching the undergrowth for the Unnamed to appear.

“Wait, wait, has it turned around? If you shoot we don’t know what’ll happen. We got reports of a big Unnamed in the area yesterday. You don’t want to drag him into the whole thing,” a deep voice crackled in the headset clinging to her ears. She couldn’t tell if it was her supervisor or not. She’d only met him once. They needed her rifle sights on the trees and sky immediately. Plus, there were other voices on the radio channel to muddle her memory.

“There was one in the sky a few weeks ago, when we were surveying the land. You get that to come out too, we’re all dead,” another voice said. There was too much static to tell if it was a man or woman. Luna was starting to paw the safety tucked into the handle of her gun. The Unnamed was at the vehicle now. It looked like a dark cloud had fallen from some heavenly storm to plague earth. It was tall, wide, and fluctuating in an out of reality in a dark cloak of blinking spores. There were golden bones poking through its fog in the shape of ribs, thorns, and the two immense claws curled like icicles. Those obscene weapons had butchered millions. The air smelled sweet and fresh. Birds were cawing on high branches away from the strife and din.

“Do you see anymore? Do you see some coming? Can you tell me anything else? Is it just one?” a choppy voice panicked in her ear.

The Unnamed hissed and shattered the windshield of the truck. There were screams of spilt blood. No matter how long humans had been battling them, we still crumpled with fear when beneath their shadow.

“They’re dying now, what should I do?” Luna asked.

Only silence replied.

“Just let them go,” Someone finally said.

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