Musings 10/17

Late a few days, but the musings still apply. October is one of my favorite times of the year. Looking forward to many, many things happening during this hallowed month.

  1. October 25th from 6:30 – 9:00 pm at Wander North Distillery in Northeast Minneapolis I will be having a book release party for The Greenland Diaries: Days 201 – 260. There will be customized drinks like “The Drum” along with other cocktails, books for sale, and an overall aura of merriment. I’ll be talking about this more as it approaches. By far the coolest venue I’ve had a book release at since I started doing this whole writing thing.
  2. The day after my book release party I’ll be attending Crypticon 2018 here in Minneapolis. I’ll be selling my books there and whatnot. This is my favorite convention of the year. Crypticon is always nostalgic for me, since it is the first con I ever did back in October 2013. The great people I have gotten to know, the welcoming culture I have been exposed to, it all stems from my first experiences at Crypticon.
  3. I’m sort of free right now with whatever direction I want to go with my writing. I just finished a new novel in a large series, and I have my book for next year already written. I basically have two whole years to dedicate to another project. This is exciting. Taking two years off from the Greenland Diaries main narrative will probably be good for me. It’ll make returning to it exciting and interesting.
  4. I tend to avoid getting political on here for multiple reasons, but with the midterm elections coming up, I just wanted to remind everyone to go out and vote. That’s all I’m going to say about it. I’m not going to peddle a specific party or candidate, just want everyone to be part of the process and to go express themselves via their polling place.
  5. This week on Craft Corner, I wanted to talk about the theory that you should write or not write what you know. Going through the creative writing program at the U of M, plus other classes at other colleges, the philosophy that you write what you know would constantly appear via instructors or articles from accomplished writers. Recently, I saw an article where an author completely tore into the idea of writing what you know. He was adamant that this stifles the creative process and limits your scope of narrative. Other authors have said if you write what you know there is a naturalness to it, and the story is relatable to the audience. Obviously, there isn’t a direct answer to these questions. It all depends on what kind of writer you are, and you only find that out via writing. I think it is dangerous to pigeonhole yourself in any ideology. I do think you should challenge yourself with foreign content, but you should also be able to have an identity within it. Flexibility is key.


  • Attack On Titan continues to be the most impressive anime and television show I think I’ve ever watched. The new season is wrapping up. Going to have a hole in my heart.
  • With the Greenland Diaries: Days 201 – 260 coming out in the next week I’m fully expecting a flood of questions about what is happening in the story, along with telling people not to post spoilers. This is quite the story.
  • I Sing Constellations is free today on Kindle. Click HERE to get it.
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas is amazing. I forgot how excellent of a movie it is. The film also covers two holidays at once. Pretty impressive.
  • I’m letting my stepsons watch Paranormal Activity with me this weekend. That is all.
  • Watched the 90’s cartoon of Ghostbusters on Netflix a little bit with my kids. That show is terrifying, especially the Bogeyman episode.
  • Have a safe weekend and week everyone!