Halloween Week 10.25

  • Just like the post title says, it is Halloween week on my blog. This is one of my favorite times of year. The early twilight, the haunting glow of the streetlights, the dead leaves tickling the curbs in bouncing scratches. It all sings to me. I have always loved the spooky, the control it can have over people, and the confidence of the mysterious. It is what inspires me as a storyteller, and this season is perfect for me. To celebrate this holiday I’m revising and rereleasing three of my favorite scary stories. 
  • Hidden Oaks at this point will have released a bonus teaser episode that I wrote. Hit it here to listen to it via your browser, or you can find it through the gazillion of podcast distributors. Season three drops on Halloween. I couldn’t be more excited, proud, and honored to be part of this project. 
  • There is an end in sight for Erasmus. We’re approaching it. I’m not sure of what I want to do in that story going forward. I know where Erasmus will end up, and what he’ll do, but in terms of actually releasing a serialized Greenland Diaries story on here, well, I need to be working on the books and not the side projects. 
  • That being said, I will be releasing a story on my blog every week, but it might just be standalone stuff. It is hard to write serialized fiction here because it gots lost in the density of cyberspace so easily. I know as a reader if I saw a post of a continuous story in the high numbers, I would be too lazy to go back and find number one and start reading from then on. I love releasing content on here, but it needs to have a common denominator. Stay tuned. Something is coming.
  • We watched Squid Game on Netflix after hearing the raves and reviews about it. I really liked it, and not to sound too meh or ridiculous, but anyone who has been watching Korean cinema for the last decade or so knows they’ve produced fantastic stories with cutting edge social commentary. These tales often have a grim twist. Squid game is just another in that lineage, only we get it in the long form of television. I’m hoping to see more. 
  • I really liked the new Dune movie. I heard a bunch of people crapping on it on Facebook and in other places, but I thought it was a pretty faithful adaptation of the first half of the book. It does feel like it would be better off being a television show versus a film split into two parts. Visually it was stunning. My only complaint is that the dialogue at times has a modern edge to it, which isn’t necessary in my opinion. You could adapt the cadences right from the book and be okay. 
  • I hope everyone has a safe and healthy week. Thank you for reading my work and supporting me. Buy my books via my Square Store, especially if you’re looking for a good Halloween read. They have my monster stamp guarantee. Special stories coming your way this week. I can’t wait for you to read them. Take care.