Tuesday Musings 1/23

Finally starting to feel better after having this chest cold for the last three weeks. Then came the NFC Championship. I delayed my musings because I’m a Vikings fan and we suffered another lopsided loss. I can’t take much more of this failure from them. It wasn’t even competitive.

  1. Many things have changed since I had children. I could write an entire novel about the new emotions and thoughts that have overtaken my existence. One thing I noticed immediately about myself however is that I care less about being in touch with what’s cool and popular, and more about what makes me happy. I care that my children are current in their interests and information. I don’t want them to feel like an outsider. For me, I feel less inclined to be “cool” if that makes any sense. I feel like it is more important to be dependable.
  2. I want to specifically mention the criticism towards the Last Jedi and the new Bladerunner. Many writers who I’m friends with via Facebook complained about the plot and other issues. They’re allowed to have their opinions, but do they realize how lucky they’d be to be inside the writer’s rooms on these massive productions? Any of us would kill to be involved with such a story. We’d all be drooling to have written a portion of a new Star Wars movie. I watch many artists and writers completely ignore this perspective when it comes to popular media, and they immediately jump to criticism.
  3. Going back to the Vikings, when is it going to end? We had a miracle one week, then a dud another. I hate it. I’ve been watching this football team avidly since 1999. It has never changed. I don’t understand it. Oh well, what can I do? Whether they win or lose, my life usually stays exactly the same. All competitive teams who enter the playoffs have to deal with defeat, sometimes it is crushing. I guess I really don’t have anything articulate to say about being a Vikings fan, except, DO NOT HAVE HOPE. Sorry if this musing is a little more negative than usual. I’m just bummed from the loss.
  4. A couple of my friends are in the midst of dating in this modern world of ours. I have been married for almost three years. It has been amazing. Watching my friends going through it all, the dating and courting, well it makes me remember how important it was to keep an open mind through the process, but also to know there are a few things you know you need out of a relationship. For me, I needed someone family oriented, relaxed, and inherently kind. Someone I could sit around watching Netflix with at night. I worry that those in the dating world are hyper critical of potential partners. Sometimes it is good to look inward about your own faults and measure them against your potential partners. Don’t abandon a good match over petty and small things. Think about what faults you have and what your potential other might have to deal with. Put your own imperfections into perspective. Nobody is perfect.
  5. In the Greenland Diaries, one constant plot device the main character has to deal with is the old world before the apocalypse resurrecting itself at night when the drum plays. Even though the plants and monsters have ravaged the landscape with debris and emptiness, the drum brings kitchen lights back to the houses, along with voices. Echoes of civilization beam back to life. This tortures the main character, along with everyone else who has managed to survive. I realize now this haunted world is based on my own experience with memory. I have been afraid of confrontation my entire life. It not just a part of my character, but also a learned behavior. Because of this fear, I have been unable to attain closure in almost every major change in my personal life. Past relationships, friendships, jobs, and even schools have never been dealt with so my emotions could be properly satiated. I’m not naive. I know there are some events or relationships that will never have a neat little bow wrapped around it. Overall though, life is easier without constantly climbing mountains of regret.


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– Having a family now makes me enjoy sitcoms even more so. My family and I binged through the Goldbergs. Pretty outrageous, but a good show.

– I hope everyone is having a good week. Stay safe. Thank you for reading!