Incoherent Ramblings 1/23

  • Welcome to another edition/variation/version/update/format/style of Monday Musings, only because of my limited time with my job and my desire to pour my creativity into Calamity’s Keep. These will be less formal and more random. I’m hoping to get these done once a week during my breaks at work.
  • Free books. Having 11 books on Amazon has its benefits. So here are my free Kindle books for today. They’re only free as of this posting (so Thursday, January 23rd). Here they are: The Greenland Diaries: Days 1 – 100. I Sing Constellations. Seven Monsters.
  • I highly suggest getting The Greenland Diaries while you can. It is my most popular story and the universe is constantly growing. There are four books in the series, plus two collections of short stories that give you different POV’s of the apocalypse. I didn’t want this series to be popular per say. I just wanted to write a journal style story with awesome monsters. I have accomplished at least that.
  • Watching the Star Wars prequels on Disney+ and I’m thinking they’re not as terrible to me as I remember. The Phantom Menace wasn’t too bad. They have a sort of headline actor carrying the whole thing (Liam Neeson). Attack of the Clones isn’t terrible either, though the romance story is horrifyingly cringe-worthy. They couldn’t hire just one prolific romance writer to try and smooth that out. I know they the budget. Outlander has spoiled me on the romance front.
  • X-Men: The Animated Series is still pretty great. Little corny, but it is twenty years old. Wolverine’s dialogue speaks to my soul. He complains about everything and calls everyone crazy. I can relate.
  • Been listening to podcasts at my work. Nintendo Cartridge Society and Conan Needs a Friend. I don’t think podcasts have gotten to the point of italics yet when referencing, but soon I hope. Both are pretty great. I’ll admit I’m late to the party. I need one that talks about classic JRPG’s on the SNES.
  • Again, get those free books while you can. Thanks for reading.