Two Weeks Left to Preorder the New Greenland Diaries

GD 4 Cover Preview

Well, I hate to be a broken record, but you’ve got only two more weeks left to preorder the Greenland Diaries: Days 201 – 260. The benefits of preordering are pretty obvious, but you also get a free gift included if you purchase the book early. Demand is pretty high for this, more so than ever before, so if you’re an avid fan of the series this would be a good option for you.

Click here to visit my store and preorder the novel

You can also preorder the book via a combo if you want. If you want to get multiple books, but still want to preorder the novel, you can include it in your selections when you check out.

It is a bit out of character for me as a marketer to constantly harp about preordering and whatnot, but this book is worth it. As I’m making my way through the revisions currently, it is evident to me even as the writer that this is the best book in the series. Not only do things happen in the plot that lend some clarity to the story, but having written in this narration for 1200 plus pages, I do have a handle on the voice. I’m very proud of this book. I think it belongs. So preorder if you want. Free gift included. Click HERE to be taken to my store. Have a great weekend everyone!