Monday Musings 11/28

  • I hope everyone had a fantastic thanksgiving. Mine was a decadent consumption of all things edible. The pain. The deliciousness. I had a good Thanksgiving, but I’ve started to notice my parents struggle with entertaining so many of us. I’m thinking it might be time to turn over a few of the traditions. Everything changes. It is the only consistency. I’ll admit it does terrify me in some ways, but it also reminds me that I’m capable of creating my own traditions.
  • When I first started self-publishing my books I sort of knew it, and I certainly know it now, but you make certain sacrifices to have the freedom and self-control of self-publication. Some of those for me have been popularity, marketing, and other ornamental tenants of the traditional publishing industry. You’re on a bit of an island, competing with archipelagos, and other comparable clusters of watery landmass. However, there are moments when it feels really worth-it, and special to me, like this weekend when a reader reached out to me to buy some books and mentioned how special they were to them. Moments like that make this so worth it.
  • Coming up in February it’ll have been a year with my BPD diagnosis. That has been a life-changing discovery for me in a lot of ways. It has given a sort of shape to my own personal monsters and put on a more specific path of therapy and treatment. Being able to identify with this diagnosis, and track how it sort of hijacks my emotions and daily life well, it has been life-changing in how I live my life. I still have a long way to go in managing my BPD, but I’m hopeful for the future. In my past, there are some people I was incredibly hard on because I did not know how to properly manage this disease. I behaved quite selfish. It wasn’t just the BPD, I behaved like a textbook narcissist. To all those people, well, I’m very sorry.
  • I really do plan on writing more informative posts about my process on here. Since no one is really asking the questions about my writing, I’ll have to ask them myself. Seems bizarrely self-indulgent, but whatever. If it can help people enjoy my stories more and sort of give some clarity about my process, well, that feels like a win. My first post will be why I write about monsters. I think I finally have a bearing on why I do it.
  • As always, if you want to support me beyond reading my blog please buy my books through my square store. If you’re looking for holiday gifts for others, I’m happy to personalize books to give out as presents. Visit my square store to check out my wares. Thank you for all your support everyone. I hope you had a good holiday.