Free Book Friday 6/24

This week on Free Book Friday I’ve got my collection of short stories I Sing Constellations for FREE on the Kindle. This is a great collection of fantasy, horror, and science fiction stories. Below is a description and link:

Monsters, monsters, everywhere. A Northern Pike with a taste for little boy blood. One lonely robot gardens beneath an apocalyptic storm with a dead promise in mind. A haunted locomotive violates a forest with its underworld track. Two siblings wreck the earth in a dispute of godlike powers. A poetic wraith scribbles bloody lyrics on a ghost town’s windows. The urge to feed sends a werewolf on an annual trip to an isolated lake. A bored and omniscient being is locked in a nuclear prison after having destroyed the earth with just one hand. The dark arts make their own prodigy, and he knows it. A brother and sister hunt each other for the sake of boredom. Fear itself gives life to a doll in the attic, even though he’d rather be dead. A fountain watches a mad scientist maroon an entire village. Toys inside a deserted shopping mall kidnap a little boy to give them a taste of immortality. A haunted highway is the safest place around, if you follow the rules. The oldest hunt on earth between man and devil takes a break for some vanity. A man drives to commit suicide, but is distracted by a siren who never needs her voice.

Click here to download I Sing Constellations for FREE on the Kindle